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ABC Dbayeh,01/08/2017

RISE PROPERTIES introduces its latest two unique projects among many others at ABC-Dbayeh.

Kÿe, located in Tabarja is Lebanon's Largest Beachfront Resort spreading over 200,000 sqm. 80% of the total area is dedicated for common green spaces, and provides unique amenities and entertainment facilities including 10 sports courts, a waterpark for children, 3000sqm gym and spa, a 400m long sandy beach, and an impressive yachting marina. This project is a partnership between RISE PROPERTIES and Saab Marina Holding. On the other hand, 50RISE, Lebanon’s Tallest and Smartest Commercial Tower, is located in New Jdeideh Souk and comprises 300 offices and 35 shops with an amazing panoramic view of Beirut, Metn skylines and the Mediterranean coast. This tower is equipped with smart technology and smart energy saving systems.

These unique and large-scale projects show that RISE PROPERTIES is a pioneer in the Lebanese real estate market, and that Lebanon is keeping pace with the technological innovations and deserves to have the latest smart projects that attract investors from all over the world.


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